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Information for Employers

Revd. Canon Paul Morris is the Principal Chaplain and would be glad to meet with employers to discuss all that is involved in appointing a chaplain to the workplace.  Please contact him here

Retail is unpredictable and dealing with the public can be a relentless task. The idea of a coffee or lunch break is a distant memory. It must be years since I last sat in the shop and ate a couple of sandwiches and enjoyed a cup of tea without interruption. Running a business is extremely stressful and it’s good to know that there is, near at hand, people who understand and will help when needed. The City is very lucky to have such an asset as the Chaplaincy available to its businesses.

Russ Hamer

Carpet Square, Derby

As healthcare moves out of hospital wards and into people’s homes more and more, it is important that we continue to provide holistic care for people who are going through huge adjustments in their lives.  As well as physical and mental healthcare, we need to pay attention to their spiritual and pastoral needs. For this reason DCHS is proud to partner with Derby City Centre Chaplaincy and to involve chaplains into local teams who provide care in people’s homes.

Mary Heritage

Asst Director of Quality and Professional Lead for Allied Health Professions, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Derby City Centre Chaplaincy, a free and independent pastoral service that offers all our staff the ability to access support from a fully trained volunteer workplace chaplain.

DHU Health Care’s four chaplains, who attend the main and outlying sites by arrangement with individuals, offer colleagues a one to one conversation with individuals regardless of their needs. The service is fully endorsed by the executive management team and we are privileged to have this additional support service for our colleagues.

Stephen Bateman

Chief Executive, Derbyshire Health United

Rolls-Royce has used the Chaplaincy Service in our major UK sites for over fifty years, including here in Derbyshire where we employ over 12,000 people.

Workplace Chaplaincy provides a range of guidance and support for our employees and our respective site unions are also supportive of the relationship.

Paul Broadhead

Head of Community Investment and Outreach, Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce

It is clear that the benefits of Chaplaincy are more widely recognised, it appears to be coming of age. Derbyshire has had many people involved in chaplaincy for a long time that has placed it on a particularly strong footing. As a result, Chaplaincy has become embedded within the culture of Derbyshire Constabulary and the number of Chaplains we have would be the envy of many across the country.

Inspector Phil Booth

High Peak Local Policing Unit, Derbyshire Constabulary

Chaplaincy in City & County