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Frequently Asked Questions

What do chaplains do?

Some chaplains operate individually, others in teams, and others in conjunction with similar persons from other organisations. All sites listed are covered by agreements between the the chaplaincy service and the organisation concerned.

A chaplain is an ordained or lay volunteer representing the local church who:

  • Interacts with people for their emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Offers confidential, non-judgmental support about all aspects of life and work.
  • Is motivated by their Christian faith to care for people and communities.
  • Is a good listener, as they value, support and encourage staff.
  • Respects the diversity of belief within the wider community.
How does chaplaincy work?
  • Chaplains are appointed following an interview with the Principal Chaplain and approval of their application form and references.
  • The Principal Chaplain discerns with the chaplain in which sector they will serve.
  • The chaplain’s visits are organised with the agreement of the management on a regular basis in appropriate ways, and always liaising with HR.
  • Staff are welcome to speak to the chaplain during visits or at another time.
  • The chaplain remains independent of the company he or she visits.
  • The chaplain will visit, where requested, staff at home or in hospital and are available at critical times of life.
  • The chaplain will lead religious services for the company or individuals.
  • The chaplaincy service is open to all without discrimination and is confidential.
  • The chaplaincy is not a formal counselling service and should be regarded as complementing existing provision and services.
Do I have to be religious to talk to a chaplain?

Chaplains are available to talk to anyone of any faith or no faith.

Will everything I say be in confidence?

You can talk to the chaplain in complete confidence, although safeguarding concerns will be referred to an appropriate person in senior management.

Will the chaplain try to convert me to a particular faith?

Chaplains support everyone and do not convert or recruit people to another faith.

Where can I see a chaplain?

The chaplain will see you at a time and place of your choice.

Do I need to inform anyone that I am seeing the chaplain?

You need your manager’s agreement to see the chaplain in working hours as it may not be appropriate to leave your place of work at busy times.  Outside of your working hours, no one has to be informed.

How can I contact the chaplain?

The name of your chaplain will be available in a convenient place for all staff.

Can I meet with a chaplain of another faith?

The Principal Chaplain can arrange for a chaplain of another faith from the Derby University Multi-Faith Centre to meet with you.

How do I become a Chaplain

We currently have approaching 100 chaplains serving with countywide, town and city centre teams. We continue to have vacancies for more with our existing partners. There are also new opportunities for chaplaincy deployment being considered.

We are seeking more chaplains, who are gifted to serve in this way and ready to consider a new area of ministry. Would this interest you, or someone you know?

For more information contact: Revd. Canon Paul Morris, Principal Chaplain.

Chaplaincy in City & County