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Police & Fire

Pastoral support to police officers, fire fighters, support staff and their families.

Police and Fire Chaplains provide pastoral support to police officers, fire fighters, support staff and their families. 

Each station is assigned their own chaplain who will see staff through the span of their careers. Whether support is needed due to a work related incident or because of a more personal matter, Chaplains are equipped to accommodate the welfare needs of personnel across both organisations and, where necessary, will signpost to the most relevant services dependant on the situation. 

Chaplains receive police and fire specific inductions and become members of the National Association of Fire Chaplains and Police Chaplaincy UK. 

Mrs Ami Lindo

Mrs Ami Lindo

Lead Chaplain - Police and Fire

Ami is our Police and Fire Lead Chaplain and has spent 3 years serving Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service as a Fire Chaplain before becoming the Lead of both services in July 2017.

As Lead Chaplain, Ami is responsible for covering the welfare and spiritual needs across both services, co-ordinating Police and Fire Chaplains on behalf of Workplace Chaplaincy Derbyshire.

Every Tuesday I work in Derbyshire Constabulary’s Equality and Inclusions Department and every Thursday, Derbyshire Fire and Rescues Prevention and Inclusion office.  Being able to work directly from both offices enables me to develop relationships with key members of each organisation who are responsible for addressing chaplaincy issues when they arise.  For example, following Police and Fire Officer deaths, chaplaincy is key in delivering local support to staff and family. At the very least, a card is sent to the families offering chaplaincy support  and our deepest condolences. In partnership with Police and Fire Family Liaison Officers, we also keep in constant communication to ensure additional support is made available if required. In addition, ongoing support is provided to individuals going through a variety of issues at work and at home.

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